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We are passionate about Cuban Salsa, always incorporating styling from other popular Cuban dances into our Salsa to get the true feel of modern Timba in our dancing. This includes AfroCuban, Son and even Reggaeton.

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Learn Salsa the CubanSalsaSchool way, the way it’s danced in the streets of Cuba. We are a young dynamic team, so in our classes you will learn the essential Salsa steps in a really fun and energetic atmosphere. Salsa is usually danced in partners but you don’t need a dance partner to join: you will meet plenty of new people to dance with along the way and have a blast learning together. Be warned though as Salsa can be really addictive! Expect your social life to be massively improved as you get better in dancing and get a big boost in confidence, and that’s just a few of the benefits. Feel free to browse around the site to find a class suitable for you.

Salsa Course

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday classes are done as a course of 6 weeks and following a structured level system from Beginners to Advanced. If you really want to learn Salsa, …

Thursday Drop In

Thursday is our weekly Social Night, it’s to give you direct access to the Edinburgh Salsa community. Classes are drop-in (pay as you go) and we welcome complete beginners every …

Sunday Salsa

Sunday Classes are drop-in class (pay as you go), working on an 8 week cycle to cater for people who can’t commit to a course of 6 weeks. You will …