253690_10150304560578804_879331_nCubanSalsaSchool aims to be one of the best Salsa Schools in Scotland and the UK, with a focus on teaching the art of Cuban Salsa from beginners to advanced level, as well as taking the students to the stage for performances and competitions.

Salsa dancing is a fantastic way to learn to dance, keep fit and meet lots of like-minded people. At CubanSalsaSchool we like our classes to be fun, fresh and full of style/flavour (sabor – as the Cubans say). We will take you from being a complete beginner to an accomplished dancer and even beyond. It’s not only great moves that you’ll be learning, but also how to perfect the fundamentals of Salsa so that dancers of all levels progress with the correct foundation in place: we’ll have your moves looking both very sharp and smooth on the dance floor!

It’s important to us to keep the standards high in every aspect of CubanSalsaSchool and that includes our venues where we insist on using the highest quality spaces available; you deserve to learn in the best conditions we can provide! In order to encourage you to keep at it as well as keep the class price low, we offer a structured teaching system: a course of 6 weeks, which is payable in advance to give you significant savings. Pay as you go is available at a slightly higher price but priority will always be given to students who book for a course. Learn more about it here.

We are a friendly bunch, so if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. To get a faster response, however, our facebook page is probably your best bet. By liking the page you will get the latest info and updates on our classes, workshops, parties and other events. We are also on twitter and youtube if you’d like to join our community.