Iain has been dancing salsa since 2010, and quickly became passionate about Cuban Salsa. In particular, he enjoys dancing the traditional Cuban dances that became Cuban Salsa: Cuban Son and Son-ChaChaCha.

He continues to develop his range of dance, studying Bachata, Kizomba, Tango, and Contemporary styles. In 2013, Iain started teaching with Salsa4Water, a group dedicated to raising money for WaterAid. He performed with the student group at Big Dance 2012, and later joined the performance group.

In 2015, he began teaching at CubanSalsaSchool. Iain is also known to have broken a few gender stereotypes: he is as good as following as leading in dancing salsa and he is our resident baker! constantly feeding us with delicious cakes at social events.


Lindsay has been dancing Salsa for over 10 years now, concentrating mainly on Rueda de Casino. He is particularly skilled in teaching the dynamics of Rueda, making sure the students understand the importance of techniques and positioning as well as executions of group patterns.

In the words of Raoul: “I dance!” – Lindsay has also dabbled in Merengue, Bachata, Reggaeton, and lately some Kizomba, enjoying doing all this with his wife Michelle. He also used to do Latin & Ballroom when he was younger. In his own words: “I am not your typical dancer, or have the Latin looks or moves come to think of it, but it is a good testament that If I can, YOU can!”


Sandra (or Sandrita) and Francisco (or Franek) are a couple and they met at CubanSalsaSchool!

Sandra started dancing when she was a teenager, learning traditional Polish folk dances in her home town, before then turning into Ballroom dancing in two of the biggest dance studios and gained many opportunities to perform on stage and participate in competitions. It was then that she started to fall in love with Latin rhythms. During her study at Uni, she attended LA Salsa classes but felt something was missing, so in 2008 she tried Rueda de Casino which she found was a revelation! From that moment on she then took part in as many Cuban Salsa workshops and festivals as she could, learning from Polish teachers as well as Cuban masters, attending events like Festival Cubano (Bielsko-Biała, Poland) and Bachaturo (Warsaw, Poland). Following her move to Edinburgh in 2014, she joined CubanSalsaSchool to continue her dancing and was quickly recognised for her talent and asked to be an Assistant Instructor almost straight away.

Sandra appreciates the diversity and energy of Cuban Salsa. It is playful and always full of surprises! Learning about the whole spectrum of Cuban dances is what she enjoys the most and can never get enough of. She continuously tries to expand her knowledge and dancing abilities within many styles such as Son, ChaChaCha, Rumba Guaguancó, Pilón, Orishas and so on. She believes that treating dancing as an element of culture and heritage helps her to be a better dancer. And the true depth, authenticity and richness of Cuban dances is what made her fall in love in them. Her biggest dream is to finally go to Cuba and dance Casino in the street!

Francisco is the youngest in the team in terms of experience in dancing Cuban Salsa. He only began his Salsa journey at the school in 2014, inspired by his big holiday in Cuba! He started from Beginners1 like most of the other students and he was among the fastest learners in class, quickly managed the basics well and worked hard to get his timing and partnerwork execution right, moving up all the levels quickly. Because of his enthusiasm, his time spent on the dance floor social dancing practising his moves, and with the help of constant drilling from Sandra (now his girlfriend), he has now started to assist teaching Beginners with the school. He joined the Student Performance Group last year and performed on stage for the first time at the end of 2015. Try to catch him on the dance floor next time you see him! He almost never refuses a dance (unless he’s really tired between dances) and you’ll always have a good time as he always wears a big smile when dancing.