Episode 4 of our Interview Series comes all the way from J A P A N! Yes, we got a chance to meet Saeko ‘Salsaeko’ Sugaya, one of the three amazing dancers involved in the now-viral video, where they danced awesome Timba choreo in Shibuya. Turns out she’s not only a very talented dancer, but also such an inspiring person with massive dreams! We had such a good chat for almost an hour, we decided to split the video into 3 bitesize chunks: Part 1, 2 and 3. Make sure you watch all of them to get to know Saeko better.

Enjoy the interview and let us know what you’d like to see more of in our interview series.

Part 1: Here Saeko talks about how she first fell in love with Cuban dances and how that made her decide to stay and study in Cuba for 2.5 years!


Part 2: Here Saeko talks about how and when the Latin culture started in Japan and how it has helped her recognise that the dance scene in Japan actually has gone through a similar path as in Cuba.


Part 3: Here Saeko talks about the viral video she came up with the guys from DanceFloor, also about her incredible and inspiring future projects.


Saeko was a great delight to hang out with as she showed us many bits of Tokyo too during our time there and we got to chat even more. We also really enjoyed her Salsa Hip Hop class!  Next time you’re in Japan, don’t hesitate to hit her up and dance with her! Find Saeko on her website and social media:

UWSTO www.uwsto.com
Social Media: facebook page @uwsto, instagram @studio_stripes @salsaeko
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