This is for you who normally stand on the sidelines at Salsa parties or festivals, wanting to dance but are not getting the opportunity to dance and are sad about it. Usually it’s either Women, who are waiting for men to come and ask them to dance, or Men, who get told no by a number of women on the night. Does this sound like you and you want to change this and increase your chance of getting more dances?

The most basic answer to this, the first and foremost, is simply to increase your dancing ability. Dancing ability is your ability to Lead or Follow and connect with your dance partner. It has nothing to do with what level you are or how many complicated moves you know. You can be a relatively new dancer with a very clear Lead or a seamless Follow and have the ability to connect with your partner. You can also be a long time dancer with a very poor lead or lack of ability to follow and totally disconnected when you dance. Level is not a factor, so you should never stop working on improving your dance ability. It’s the only currency that matters on the dance floor.

Having said that, it doesn’t matter how able you are as a dancer, sometimes people just won’t dance with you for some reason. Once you accept this fact and realise that it is ok, you will be happier on the dance floor. However, the better a dancer you are, the less rejections you will experience. And remember that it is definitely ok for women to ask men to dance too – it’s the 21st century!

Here are some other ways you can do to increase your chance to get more dances at social nights:

Be awesome!
Don’t be sad, smile and have fun when you dance.
Be open and give off positive energy. People tend to avoid negativity.

Actuate your best physical features, stand up tall and elongate your neck. Good posture won’t only make you dance better, it will also make you look great on the dance floor.

Dress to impress, it shows when you’re making an effort. When you feel comfortable in an outfit that fits your personality, you naturally will feel more confident and people are instinctively drawn to that.    

Still afraid of getting rejections? Don’t. What’s the worst that could happen apart from your bruised ego? The world won’t come to and end when someone rejects you on the dance floor. It’s only in your mind. Life goes on. You can turn rejection into motivation to keep improving your dancing ability.    

Have fun!

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