In the online world where everyone has a voice, it can be hard to make your brand stand out from the noise. The only way to go about it is to be unique, to be authentic. The good news is, it is actually easier than you think to be unique. After all, only you can be you! And that is the key. Don’t be afraid to show the human side of you, as this way you will attract the people who can actually relate to you, people who care about what you have to say and what you have to offer. These people should be the ones you’re seeking to serve. This group of people is what you call: your Tribe.

With this understanding in mind, you can then be on your way to make your brand stand out, particularly in the eyes of your Tribe, by doing the following.

1. Tell your story

Your story can help your potential students connect with you. It will help them make a decision whether they can relate to you and whether they trust you enough to buy what you offer. Tell them who you are, why you are passionate about your dancing, and how your dance classes came about. When you tell a story, three things happen in your brain: your memories are triggered, the emotions associated with those memories are triggered, and it makes you want to take action. And in your reader’s brain, the same three things happen, and they experience your story through their own memories. That’s how stories connect people. Create your brand story and use it consistently throughout your online and offline presence.

2. Create value with your content and make it about your customers, not you

Content is the new advertising. Your audience is sick and tired of disruptive ads and salesy social media posts (remember, it is called social media, and not sales media – so, be social). They want original content that is more valuable, rich, and actionable. Regardless what type of content you choose, a blog post or visuals like videos or infographics, it has to be digestible information. Focus on creating original content that will help your audience, address their needs and improve their lives, and that they’ll be inspired to share on their social media network.

3. Show up consistently

Be reliable. Building trust takes time. Be consistent and post on your social media network regularly. Consistently providing valuable content for your audience will make them keep coming back and this will lead to loyalty. Plan ahead and schedule your posts so that you can plot your content mix and make sure your goals are covered, also to leave room for creativity and to refine the quality of your material.

4. Build real relationships, not just a large number of fans

Don’t get bogged down by trying to get as many followers as possible. The number of likes on your facebook page means nothing if it doesn’t translate into paying customers. Concentrate on providing real value for your current audience instead, as they’re the ones who are more likely to buy from you anyway. Always seek to serve your Tribe, focus on quality followers rather than quantity. Engage with them and build real relationships. Respond to their comments and messages in conversational way, try to get real human to human connection.

Hopefully this will give you a good head start towards building your successful dance business. If you’re keen to explore more on how to grow your dance business, you’d be glad to know that at the moment we are in the process of developing our comprehensive Marketing Course for Dance Instructors. In this course, you will learn the difference between the old way of doing marketing and the new marketing in this digital age, as well as the importance of having the right mindset and on how to focus on your marketing plan. We will give you marketing ideas, strategies, and even tech tutorials (so that you can create your own Website, Facebook page, Instagram), and we will give you tips on how to unleash the potentials of social media marketing. Basically, all the tools you need to get more students coming to your classes. To make sure you’re the first to know when the course is officially launched, send us an email now and put ‘Marketing Course’ in the subject.

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