This website came about because we feel there is a lack of general info on Cuban Salsa in the World Wide Web written in English from a non-native dancer’s point of view. We are looking at it as an enthusiastic learner looking in from the outside. Hopefully this way we can inspire other non-native dancers to keep learning about the dance in particular and the culture in general.

We love everything and anything about Cuban Salsa. If you run a school or events, do let us know so we can include them on our website for highly ranked Google exposure. Or if you have a topic related to Cuban Salsa that you are passionate about, why not become one of our GUEST WRITERS. We will look through them all and publish the ones that we believe adhere to our vision in general. We are looking for more of lighthearted info topics rather than the ones generating heated debates. In addition to all of that, we also offer prominent ADVERTISEMENT SPACE on our website. Contact us if you’re interested in any of these collaboration opportunities.


W H O  W E  A R E


Julia, coming from a non-dancing background, started dancing Cuban Salsa in 2009 and quickly became addicted and very much involved in the Edinburgh salsa scene. Soon she progressed from organising social salsa groups to co-teaching with some of the best local teachers and has continually improved her dancing skills by learning from the best of national and international teachers, at classes and conventions around Europe as well as in Cuba. While her dancing continues to improve, taking it to the stage and later on choreographing different dance groups, it is her strong business background and warm personality that brought success to Cuban Salsa School (went from zero to the biggest salsa school in town). During her time running the school, she built another passion on the back of it as a teacher. Continuously improving her teaching method, she then passed on her knowledge to her team of instructors (who now have gone and teach their own classes). Following her relocation, she is now managing Cuban Salsa School in the current format that allows her to continue working on it remotely.   


Col has also been dancing Cuban Salsa since 2009 and is known as one of the top Cuban style dancers in the Edinburgh scene. He then moved out of the country but still maintain his passion for Cuban Salsa wherever he goes even to this day. His experience includes: founding Salsa4Water Edinburgh, a group dedicated to raising money for Wateraid which soon became one of the most popular Cuban Salsa groups in the city; trained by the highly regarded Ballet Folklorico Cutumba and Raices Profunda, and also had private classes with former members of (Cuba’s most famous Rueda group) and profesoras de CFN (Conjucto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba) during his visits to Cuba; co-founded the successful Cuban Salsa School in Edinburgh; also at the moment Col belongs to Oye Timberos performance group in Warsaw, training and performing regularly. Col’s speciality is dancing with connection to the music and he draws on his extensive experience as a musician to help teach this to his students as well as developing the key techniques that allow someone from a non-dancing background to learn authentic Cuban body movement and style.