Welcome to the very first episode of our interview series! It is such a privilege for us to be able to speak with the artists who we admire so much: Danger Rodriguez & Yunaisy Farray. Based in Barcelona, they work together as well as running their own schools and projects.

Danger and Yunaisy are exceptionally talented Cuban dancers who are well respected both as a dance couple and as individual artists. They’re passionate about their art, they work hard and they’re ambitious. All of this is clearly apparent in the interview, and it’s no wonder why they’re currently amongst the most recognised international dancers in the world.   

Here they’re talking about the new styles of dancing that they’re bringing to the Cuban Salsa scene in particular, one of them being Son Moderno©, which they strongly believe is born from outright necessity alongside the new styles of music that are developing in Cuba and beyond. We certainly adore it and can’t wait to learn more about the dance.

In the interview, they also talk about their Ladies Revolution event which will run on 12, 13 & 14 October 2018, alongside the Men’s Bootcamp. More info here: www.ladiesrevolution.es. Featuring amazing artists such as Yanet Fuentes, Barbara Jimenez, Alexander Carbo and Julio Napoles to name a few, it is nothing like you’ve known before.

Enjoy the interview and let us know what you’d like to see more of in our interview series.  

You can find a lot more about Danger & Yunaisy and what they do on their websites and social media:
Farray’s International Dance Center: www.farrayscenter.com
Danger Dance School: www.dangerdanceschool.com

Social Media: facebook @danger.yunaisy, instagram: @danger_yunaisy
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