The key word here is Social, so being social weigh as much as the dancing itself. It is always a good idea to broaden your experience by travelling to a different dance scene. If you’ve been dancing for a while, soon enough, you will have danced with most people in your local scene. Here are some benefits of travelling to dance.

Become a better dancer

Dancers at a different scene go to different dance schools and most probably learn things differently. As a follower you might experience a different feel of a lead, and vice versa as a leader, you might need to adjust your lead to clarify your message to a new follower. In any scenario, this will push you to dance outside your comfort zone and therefore enhance growth, and overall makes you a better dancer.

Experience local cultures

If possible, join a class proceeding the social dancing later. This way you will meet the locals and build relationships with them so you’ll feel more relaxed to ask them to dance after. Also, the best way to connect to local culture is of course through the local people. You will learn new things, and you might even discover new music, different to what you are used to.

Create relationships

Dancing is universally understood in any language. Building those bonds with people across the world is a life-enhancing, eye-opening experience. Life is about making experiences and the people you share it with, so use every opportunity to create some lasting ones.

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